Corporate Minute Writer - Quick Start Guide

Getting to Know the Corporate Minute Writer

The Corporate Minute Writer lets you conveniently organize corporate resolutions through a combination of automated reminders and template-based document creation. For example, to create a meeting, enter the date, time, a brief description and answer a few simple questions using a dynamic online form.

1. When you first arrive to the application you will be asked to fill out some basic information about your company. We ask you this information upfront so you don't have to rewrite it again when you record your minutes.

2. Returns you to the home page of the application.

3. Click Meetings to schedule meetings, view your calendar, and add calendar events.

4. View the following in Document History: • Last 5 Pending Drafts • Last 5 Finalized Documents • Initial Governance Documents

5. Create Documents- Create a document using the document wizard, and view an index list of documents.

6. Account Information- When you first come to this application you will be asked to fill out some basic account information.

7. Account Officials- View the officials you list on your account.

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Creating Your Company Profile

Before you start recording your corporate minutes you must fill out your Company/Entity Profile. This will be the first form you see on the page when you first enter the application.

1. Begin by filling out the open fields.

2. Then select Create Profile to continue.

3. Then continue to select and proceed through the rest of your setup process.

4. Once you have completed the process you will be able to create and record your corporate minutes.

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Documenting a Meeting

Within the Meetings tab you are able to:

- Schedule a Meeting: Create a new meeting using the calendar system.
- View your Calendar: View your calendar here to see upcoming events, and compliance activities.
- Add Calendar Event: Here you are able to schedule important events, activities and meetings.

1. To begin, select the Meetings tab located at the top of the application.

2. You will then be given the option to Schedule a Meeting, View Your Calendar, or Add a Calendar Event.

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Creating a Document

Within the Create Document tab, you are able to utilize a document wizard that helps you successfully record your corporate minutes. There are two options here:

- Document Wizard: This option is for most people and the best place to start. This option helps you keep your organization in compliance.

- Index List: This option is a little more advanced and detailed.

1. To begin the Document Wizard, select the Create Document tab. And click Launch under the Document Wizard heading.

2. To begin, select and complete the options below, and click Continue to proceed. Be sure to fill out and answer any questions throughout the Document Wizard.

3. Once you have completed filling out and selecting your options, you will be asked if you want to create documents based on the information you have input and selected. These documents will automatically open up in another browser window. Be sure you allow pop-ups from this particular site.

You can always access these documents under Document History.

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