Issue Tracker - Quick Start Guide

Getting to Know the Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker gives you a total picture of your customer base and any issues they may be experiencing. This customer service solution integrates seamlessly with the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to track and document product and service-related issues so you and your customer support team can more effectively manage customer questions, issues and requests.

1. The Issues button returns you to the main dashboard where all of your issues are displayed.
2. Edit and delete selected list values to tailor the application to your needs.
3. Add contacts to your database. These contacts will also appear in the CRM.
4. Generate PDF reports based on products/services, and by employee.
5. Use the search panel to filter your open issues.
6. Add and create a new issue.
7. Emergency issues will appear above all other issues.
8. Select the issue number to view the open issue.

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Entering Contact Information

Entering information for your contacts can be done quickly and easily.
1. Select the Add Contact tab located at the top of the dashboard.
2. Begin by filling out the contact's information in the open fields provided.
3. Once the contact's information is complete select the Save button. (This contact's information will also appear in the CRM and Marketing Communications applications.)

Note: Be sure to remember to click Save before you leave the page.

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Entering an Issue

Entering a new issue can be accomplished very easily.
1. Select the Add New Issue button located in the middle of your dashboard.
2. Then select all the necessary values that help describe the issue.
3. Finish filling out the rest of the issue and any additional information.
4. Then be sure to click Save & Return to complete and save the issue.

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Customize the Issue Tracker

The application allows you to customize your settings by including your products/services as well as adding your own values such as statuses, priorities, and others to help you resolve issues quickly and effectively.

1. Begin by selecting the Manage Values tab at the top of your screen.
2. Then select the category for which you would like to customize your values.
3. Once you have selected a category, just type in your custom value, then be sure to click Save for the value to appear.


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Managing Issues

Within the application you are able to view a brief description of each issue and you are also able to edit various values to help you resolve all of your open and most urgent issues.

You can select one of several different issue management options:
• Update the Priority
• Change the Status
• Close the Issue

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