HR Communications Builder - Quick Start Guide

Getting to Know the HR Communications Builder

The HR Communications Builder application allows you to create various Recruiting, Correspondence and Policy documents. All these types of documents can be created and managed from one easy application. We recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the layout and the available functionality.

1. The Dashboard gives you a brief overview of the application and displays your latest recruiting documents.

2. Within the Recruiting section, you are able to build a Job Description, create an Employment Ad based on a job description and create Job Interview and Candidate Evaluation documents.

3. Create various template based correspondence documents. Some template categories include Recruiting, Screening, Contracts, Managing, and Discipline.

4. Create an entire Employee Handbook and build policies from existing templates.

5. This button will take you back to your Toolbox.

6. View basic HR Resources for the following topics:

a. HR Articles

b. HR Audio Recordings

c. Background Checks

d. Payroll Calculator

e. Glossary

f. Find Salary & Wage Data

g. Verify Employment Eligibility

7. View and create quick forms for:

a. New Employees

b. Interviewing Candidates

c. Orientation

d. Managing

e. Termination

8. Find and download various employment laws and posters. Categories include the following:

a. Federal Employment Laws

b. Employer Posters

c. Common Government Forms

d. Resources for Your State

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Creating a Job Description

Choose from 700 different templates to help you create the right job description to attract the right candidates.

Creating a Job Description

1. Begin by selecting the Recruiting tab at the top of the application, and select Launch under the Build a Job Description option.

2. Then select the Create A New Job Description button to begin.

3. Fill out the open fields that are provided, and select Save & Next to continue.

4. Next, you may search for a template that best fits the type of description you are trying to create. Once you have found the right template you may select the option and click Use Selected Templates to add it to your Job Description.

5. Next, the template that you have selected will appear in the text editor. Within the text editor, you are able to add and edit as much information as is needed to complete this part of the job description.

6. Next, be sure you click Save & Next once you have finished editing. After selecting Next you are taken to the next steps of building a job description. The next steps provide you with additional information to help you highlight the correct preferences and skills you are seeking for a particular position to be filled.

7. Once you have completed your Job Description, you may finish by exporting the Job Description into a word processing document.
a. Select the Export to RTF step.
b. Then select the category & career level that the Job Description will remain under. By doing this, you will be able to access the Job Description at any point in time by organizing where it will be stored.
c. Then select Save & Export to File to view the Job Description in a word processor.

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Creating a Job Ad

Start from scratch or use our templates to create an Employment Ad. If you have created a job description, you will be able to use all or part of it for your advertisement. Follow the steps below to create a Job Ad.

1. Begin by selecting the Recruiting tab at the top of the application, and select Launch under the Employment Ads.

2. Next, select the Create New Job Ad button to continue.

3. If you have already created a job description, you may select to build from an existing one, or create a new job description from scratch.

4. You will then be asked to include various components within the Job Ad, such as:
- Company Name
- Who/How to Contact
- Company Selling Points

5. Next you will be asked to determine the compensation range for the position you are trying to fill. This is optional and does not have to be included in the Job Ad. Then click Save & Next to continue.

6. Next you will be taken to a page where you can add or edit parts of the job description that is included in the job ad. If you chose not to edit any sections, you may select to view the job ad by clicking on View Text Ad (Just the text of the ad) or View Display Ad (The ad as it would appear). You will then be able to export the Job Ad into a word processing document.

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Creating an Employee Handbook

Whatever your business, an employee handbook will help you achieve consistent performance. Our wizard-style Employee Handbook builder will guide you step-by-step through the creation of a manual that clearly communicates all of your company's policies and expectations, from time off to dress code.

Creating an Employee Handbook

1. First, begin by selecting the Policies & Handbooks tab. Then click on Launch under Build an Employee Handbook.

2. To start your employee handbook, you may click the Add a New Handbook button.

3. Next, you will be asked to select the state in which your company resides, and you will be asked to input information relating to your business that will appear within the employee handbook. Click the Next button to continue.

4. After you have selected your state and added your company information, you will be brought to the Employee Handbook Wizard. Here you will decide which polices you would like to include for each section.
a. Select which policies to include in the section you are about to work in.
b. The click Save & Next to continue.

5. The next screen displays the template for the policy that you have selected to appear in your employee handbook. Here you are able to:
a. View the template language and read an explanation about it.
b. If you decide to use the template language, you can choose to use it by selecting the Add This Template to Your Handbook button.
c. The template language will then be populated into your text editor. Here you are able add and edit as much information as is needed. Once you have completed the policy, click Save & Next to continue to the next policy or section.

6. Once you have completed your Employee Handbook, you are given the option to generate a Word document or create another version for a different state if your company has more than one location for different states.

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