Master Class - Quick Start Guide

Getting to Know Master Class

Master Class gives you and your employees 24-7 access to the ultimate in e-learning resources. In each video lecture, our experts — top-rated college professors, successful entrepreneurs and business executives — offer their experiences and advice so that you can maximize the profit-making potential of your existing operation or budding business proposition. We recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the layout and the available functionality.

1. This button will take you back to your Toolbox.
2. The Overview gives you a brief introduction to the application.
3. Learn more about the application.
4. Learn more about our experts along with the diverse range of backgrounds and their professional capabilities.
5. View the certificates that you have completed for each category.
6. Select from a variety of business topics to start learning from.

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How to Start a Lesson

Select from a library of one to two-hour video lectures on everything from taxes and accounting to sales and marketing, the application's courses reach beyond the surface and get to the heart of important issues that affect entrepreneurs and small business owners.

1. To start a lesson, you must first select the category that you'd like to learn more about.

2. Next, click the Play The Lesson button to view the lectures available.

3. You will be able to view and track the progress of the videos that you have already viewed.

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How to Resume a Lesson

In order to resume a lesson, go back to the section that you previously started, and click the Resume Lesson button, located directly next to the course outline. You will then be taken back to where you stopped and will be able to resume your lesson.

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How to Take a Quiz

To provide you and your employees with a measure of engagement in our courses, we have appended each lecture with a short but comprehensive quiz to test your knowledge. Complete the required number of courses with a passing grade and become certified.

1. In order to take a quiz, you must first complete the lesson for that particular section. Then click the Take the Quiz! button located next to the section overview.

2. You may also select to take the test from within the lesson below the video screen as displayed here.

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